I Gasp in My Gills

As the Boat Swirls available on ArtPal

By me, the Present Moment, oil on canvas processed in photoshop, Dylan & MIsa

I Gasp in my Gills

I gasp in my gills beating white dove feathers.

Will the chicken lay poverty, a golden egg, or pennies?

The messiah is coming and she’s in a room full of wood pounding out her anger,

Will you love her when she comes wearing her crown of daisies plucked

I love you,

Namaste and now.

She’s the silent wind whispering sand,

The clap of both hands in the dance with no steps,

The song with no music and the painting with no color.

The dog with no flea.

The body with no bone.

The dragon unburied betwixt the two heads of Buddha,

and she hums sending the hibiscus blue frosts up the pine.

Shatter me bright into all the right sort of spaces, places, and timelines.

I am not certain when I wrote this, I want to say, while I was a student at Cal Arts, 1994-1996, and, as I made this blog post, I of course modified it a bit, so, I suppose its emergence date is 11.15.2020