Jungle Gym of Joy

She is a jungle gym of joy made up of sweet flowers sitting in the lap of the great earth mother

tasting the savory of the sweet bee flow of sumptous poetry

Her taproot dialed in to the rhizomes and channels of ancient knowing that is our mother and utters a prayer for all of us, for peace on earth in my body, your body, our shared body and beyond.

Artemis and Diana come

Come with your mighty bows

Come to the rabid dogs of the world

Put them down, lay them to rest in the ground

Gently, with love, compassion, gentleness, and tenderness

Sing to them as you lay them down and offer them to our mother

In the jungle gym of joy made up of sweet flowers

Come in the sweet flow of a river of bees honey

Come to the rabid dogs of the world

Lay them down

Lay them down to rest

Turn our minds to our values

Values that will draw us back to balance

The ice is melting and there is no going back

In the downward spiral when the winds come and we harm our children

Help us to lay the rabid dogs down

Swiftly, sweetly, with compassion, kindness, and gentlness

The mighty bow takes aim

And lays the rabid dogs to rest

And we ask, let no more arise


We are back in balance

Come Diana Come

Come Artemis Come

Come great archers come

Lay to rest what seeks to be laid to rest

Thank you

And so it is

February 26, 2022

Aunty No Name