Sister Stories: 1

When the small form is sold,

For this,

And for that,

Just because,

The small form may be given mind-altering substances.

When the body heals,

The healing flashbacks may be like reliving the very same altered state,

An opportunity for the fragment soul part to come home,

To the sanctity of your sacred body.

A loving home, your own home, the embrace of Gaia.

A mothering interbeing me, nestled in a hive of many selves.


But also, know, we know,

That extreme pain, pain above a ten,

This can also induce an altered state,

And in this non-ordinary state,

A part of your consciousness may travel, seeking safety,

Held by angels even,

And there you may sit,

Until it is safe, to come home,

To the sanctity of your very own body.

This beauty.

When you come home, give yourself kindness,

Give yourself what it asks for.

Be it the courage to feel the appropriate feelings safely,

May it be a scribble in a sketchbook,

May it be colors and shapes that break all of art's rules,

Which is appropriate,

Because the experiences themselves broke the sacred rules

Of how to treat our children,

So the rules taught in the institutions of high art,

Themselves dipping into the deep pockets of the very ones

Who, in this body's experience,

Well, they themselves also broke the sacred guidelines

To amass their fortunes.

So yes, I see these rules,

But the mighty flow of Awen, this divine creative fire,

She says, no,

To portray the portrait of all these sisters in such a way,

Would be a lie,

Speak your truth, in the colors, the textures, and the tones

That can tell this little story.

As for naming other artists who have also broken convention, I leave that to the viewer to sort it out, for every heart resonates with its own unique spectrum of artistic rebellion and creative authenticity.