Wiggling Womb of Wonder

Wiggling Womb of Wonder

Blessed goddess

full of beauty

vast is your wisdom and poetry

grant us the humility, compassion, and grace

to embody all the gifts you have bestowed upon us

free our minds

free our souls

free our hearts

free our bodies

from all fear, pain, and sorrow

from limiting beliefs and harmful imaginings

free us from wounds and cycles of harm, hate, and ignorance

seven generations back and seven generations forward

and as far as it seeks to travel

as we choose to embrace the truth of our personal paths

harmony embraces us

and we become the change

that heals the world

blessed is our collective

wiggling womb of wonder


The image is a painting recently completed, that I worked in photoshop to amplify the texture a bit. The poem came out of a creative meditation, and work, around one of my present moment "Tuesday Circle" journey circles with fellow shamanic practitioner dreamers and vision makers. We were focusing on a particular city, that a practitioner suggested as a point of departure to journey from, and within this, I found my own unresolved energies in relation to the Catholic Church. In follow up inner work, I was up in the middle of the night, meditating, and went on a creative journey giving my parents the negative influences of my own experiences, and then asked them, to give it back to the ancestors they received it from, all the way back to the first impression, and once there, as what to do with the energy. My internal nudge was to re-write the Hail Mary, and to reframe this goddess energy to reflect the authenticity of who and were I am this present moment.