Eat this Grief in Little Nibbles

Writing Prompt: from my niece Danielle (see below)

Eat this grief in little nibbles

He reminded me of a tree

tall, strong, and beautiful

breathing in the wounds of the world

breathing out pure sweet blessings


His long arms reached to the heavens

His gardening feet reached deep into the earth

His roots drinking unseen waters

knowing unknown things


Tending connections with integrity


Longing for laughter

Soaring in the heavens

at one with the falcons, waving to aunties and uncles and ancestors

who had gone before


and sat awaiting his arrival through the veil


for a bit, he holds us in our dreams, our journeys with the drum

before settling in, to be, one with...


we remember you when we breath

we breathe with you as a beautiful tree

breathing in we kiss the wounds of your loss

breathing out we give thanks for your everything


breath daddy, breath

breath in our daddy circle

huddled together in the ring

of the ancient groves


the oaks, the redwoods, the beech, and the butterflies


when we breathe with trees

we will remember you


when we root ourselves into the earth

we will remember you


when we tend the fruits and the vegetables, in our internal gardens, and our external gardens

we will remember you


we welcome your wisdom

we welcome your support

we welcome your support


within our dreams

in our work

in our play

in our creative endeavors

and in the integrity of our life purposes


be free family


eat this grief in little nibbles


and let this mighty spring


bring us closer together


as an ʻohana


dialed in to aloha

prompt: Jose liked all fruits and veggies….I think any tree would make him happy

He did like trees a lot…

He reminded me of a tree….tall, strong, beautiful, taking in the negative and breathing out purity, deeply rooted, and highly longing